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Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization The gas I'm talking about is called ethylene oxide. This is a type of flammable and explosive gas that is used for the sterilization of medical equipment and devices. The way by which ethylene oxide kills off microbes is through a reaction known as alkylation. This is a process whereby a hydrogen atom is replaced by an alkyl group. The details of that are best left for a chemistry lesson, but I'll explain what that means in the context of something like a bacterium the gas ends up killing. Let's pretend our bacterium is a car. The car is made up of many different parts that help it move. These parts include the engine and its wheels. If you replace the smooth, round, rubber wheels with something like square wooden pegs, the car wouldn't be able to move very well. Similarly, if you alkylate, or replace, an important component of a bacterium's proteins or genome, it won't be able to function. This alkylation takes place in a very special chamber into which ethylene oxide is pumped into. Following treatment with the ethylene oxide gas, the material being sterilized is aerated out in order to get rid of any excess gas. This is super important, for if this doesn't occur, some serious side effects may occur. These side effects will be discussed in just a little bit.
Welcome to Krishna Engineering - ETO Sterilizer Our company Krishna engineering is mainly involved in making ETO sterilizer in India. Since we are the leading ETO Sterilizer manufacturer of the country, we put a lot of emphasis on the quality and the features of our products. Our products are as per the norms of the international standards and they are fabricated from the best quality basic material components. We are not just successful as an ETO sterilizer manufacturer but also well-known for making quality products like Ribbon Blenders, Tray Dryer, Vacuum Dryer, Steam Sterilizer, etc. These products are also widely applied and have a good demand just as our ETO sterilizer in India. There is a huge scope of ETO sterilizer in Gujarat. Several industries like pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, chemical industry, food industry etc esteem our ETO sterilizer in Gujarat. Contact : +91-9687951413 Mr Arpit Savaliya ( Director )
The Benefits of Using Ethylene Oxide Gas. There are several advantages to using ethylene oxide gas for sterilization. First of all, it is a sterilant, meaning it is something that kills every living microbe, including very difficult to kill bacterial spores, on an inanimate object or surface.
Hospital ETO Sterilizer. Our offered product Hospital ETO Sterilizer is also called Ethylene ETO Hospital Sterilizer, is widely used in Hospital or Medical purpose to destroy the pathogens and provide excellent steam, Temperature distribution for the sterilizer chamber. It is used to sterilize instruments like Needle, vessels, syringes and all other medical and surgical instruments.
We are prominent manufacturer and Exporter of Steam Sterilizer. These sterilizer is highly demanded in the industry like Pharma, food, Spices etc. These product is used to destroy bacteria. We use S.S. 304L for sterilizer chamber. We strictly follow the international rules and regulation set by different countries. Our product Steam Sterilizer is a good example of our efforts in meeting the exact need of the industry along with new technologies.
We are into manufacturing of Sterilizer since decades. Our product ETO Sterilizer is soecially developed for Sharjha UAE. ETO Sterilizer is applicable in various industries including pharma and spices. Our expert team manufacture it with high grade of raw material. Contact us for information. We will be happy to serve you with better technical details.
We manufacture Steam Sterilizer for Industrial and Hospital purposes. Website:-
AUTOCLAVE / STEAM STERILIZER The laboratory line features a user friendly, microprocessor control system which offers enhanced monitoring and control. The programs are designed to treat all load types including liquids, instruments and waste. All programs are fully customizable to suit the specific needs and requirements of the end user. SPECIFICATION OF AUTOCLAVE STEAM STERILIZER Size in mm L X W X H Size in Inch L X W X H volumetric capacity in m3 Liter Capacity L1250 X D 510 L 48” X D 20”” 0.300 300Ltr 762 X 457 X 457 30” X 18” X 18” 0.150 150Ltr 1250 X 610 X 610 48” X 24” X 24” 0.432 432
MEDICAL DISPOSABLE STERILIZER APPLICATION INDUSTRIES Water Treatment Industries Chemical Industries Petrochemical Industries Refrigeration Industries All Process Industries Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Medical Disposable Sterilizer PERFORMANCE Vessel is most suitable for stirring, mixing, and processing the liquids at a pressure and temperature. Reaction Vessel is equipment in which the chemical reaction is to be carried out either under pressure / temperature / cooling or at atmospheric conditions KRISHNA PRESSURE VESSELS skilled work force to manufacture quality equipments in different material of construction like carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel & super duplex steel, cupronickel, Monel, hastelloy, titanium & many others. The range of pressure vessels manufactured is as follows. BODY is made of MS/SS a high-grade plate as per design. Vessels are jacketed/limpet coil type with a flat or dish-end ended. Manhole and necessary connections are provided for the measurement of process parameters. Vessel is tailor made equipment so the design of body and stirrer is to be made on the basis chemical process and requirement. MS vessel may be lined by a Rubber / FRP / Wooden / Lead / Glass.